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UPDATE July 20, 2020 - Pursuant to Colorado Executive Orders D 2020 039, 067, 092, 110 and 138 and corresponding Public Health Orders, the office continues to operate as a critical service. We will continue to provide services described below, following best practices, social distancing (absence of close proximity), and masking, as required by Executive and Public Health Orders. Please take such care as you think is necessary for your health.


Please also refrain from entering the office if you are sick or exposed to someone with COVID-19. In such an event, we will utilize alternative options to complete your task.


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We are located on Main Street in Wray, Colorado, and have been serving Wray, Yuma, and Dundy County for 17 years.

We are committed to helping you. If you don't see your matter described in our Practice Areas , please contact us. If we are not able to help with your legal matter, we will refer you an attorney we know and trust.

We are licensed and able to practice in Colorado and Nebraska.

Please note the disclaimer regarding the formation of an attorney-client relationship and other matters.